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Event held in Grosseto as part of the international 269 Campaign to underline the suffering of Animals by hands of the Meat Industry.

Three activists of our organization let themselves be publicly branded by hot iron so to represent the barbaric, routinely process that all Animals being bred for human exploitation undergo in the world, the practice of assigning them a number is only the beginning of a their miserable life of confinement, torture, pain, loneliness, the beginning of their slavery.

As activists who fight against Specism we condemn all types of discrimination be it exercised by the strong Human onto other sentient beings, the Animals, as well as by humans onto humans.

Every time that we are made to bow by the pressure of whom has the power over our lives WE are 269.

Every time that we ignore the plead of victims WE ourselves are accomplices to that injustice.

There can’t be peace without justice, there can’t be real Progress without Compassion.

“…If you visit the Killing Floor of a SlaughterHouse it Will brand your Soul for Life…” ( Howard Lyman )